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  • Why does my dog have to complete a test day?
    Because we want to observe each dog for at least 9 hours, without their owner, before confirming further stays. The main reasons are, to see if the dog gets along well with other dogs, in the pack, and over a long period of time. In addition, we want to know how the dog behaves in the dog room with their friends. Most importantly, we want to figure out, if the dog likes it in our pack and with us in general. Even if you had trainings with René before, your dog still has to complete a test day with us, before they can come for further stays. An hour of training is not comparable to an entire day in a dog pack without the owner.
  • Why do male dogs have to be neutered to join your pack?
    From experience and observations in nature, sooner or later two unneutered males will compete, to find out who is stronger. This causes a great deal of unrest in the pack and is most likely settled in a physical altercation, which unfortunately in many cases leads to injuries. We don't want that, the dogs don't, and especially the dog owners do not want that. In addition, unneutered males are very stressed in a dog pack, as they have to mark everything and constantly assert themselves in order not to appear strong to other dogs. Last but not least, an unneutered male, can immediately be seen as a threat by neutered males and will, therefore, be physically corrected, which again could end in injury.
  • What do I need to bring, if my dog stays with you?
    You only have to bring your dog(s) and their food (+ necessary medication). If you have added Joy-Dog's Food (BARF - raw meat) to the booking, then you only have to bring your dog. We have leashes, beds, blankets, toys and everything else a dog's heart desires here.
  • Why do you feed your dogs with BARF (Raw Meat)?
    From our point of view, the most natural type of food, is the best. Our 80% BARF raw meat from buon viando GmbH and 20% vegetable/rice mix gives our dogs a balanced and natural diet. The raw meat is of course also very popular with all four-legged friends and over the years we have only had positive experiences in relation to the health of the animals, both with our own dogs and with boarding dogs. In the case of dry food or canned food, the extreme heat during extrusion (up to 200 degrees) and high pressure destroys valuable components of the raw materials, which subsequently have to be replaced with synthetic substances. Chemical antioxidants and preservatives are added as well, to give the feed a long shelf life.
  • When is the Joy-Dog Hundezentrum closed?
    The daycare and boarding part of Joy-Dog is open continuously all year. We are able to alternate our personal holidays. Training breaks are announced on our website under "News".
  • Do you also offer half-day care?
    No. The pack dynamic suffers, if a new dog full of energy, joins them at noon. By then, the pack has been busy all morning and would not appreciate a new charged up pack member joining them. Most importantly, half-day dogs would require a person to do additional drop-offs/pick-ups at noon, which would take them away from letting the other dogs have fun outdoors so it would minimize pack time for all the other dogs and we most certainly don't want that.
  • Why are you not allowing females in heat for daycare and boarding? ?
    There are several reasons, why keeping females in heat in a dog pack is not possible for us. Just to mention a few: It's possible that we could have a young, unneutered male (less than 12 months old) in our pack, so there would be a high risk that the female could get pregnant. Furthermore, all the males, neutered or not, would compete over the female, causing great unrest in the pack. Lastly, the whole situation would be very uncomfortable for the female dog herself, since she would be bothered by all the males the entire day.
  • My dog hunts or doesn't have good recall off leash, is that a problem?
    Good recall off-leash is an admission requirement at Joy-Dog Hundezentrum. It's possible that a dog can be called back better on our walks because of the pack mentality and our experience, however, if a dog has bad recall at home or is constantly on-leash on your walks, it's unlikely that she/he will have good recall on our walks. If we don't have trust in the dog, after a few tries, to come back when called, we unfortunately would't be able to accommodate your dog. In rare cases we might settle on, to just not bring your dog on the pack walks. However, only if all the other admission requirements are met flawlessly.
  • Do you feed the daycare dogs?
    No, dog owners should feed their dogs at home, if they only stay with us for the day (exception: young dogs, who eat 3 times a day).
  • What training methods does René use?
    René's training methods are inspired by the dogs themselves, because they can understand and communicate best in the dog language. The four-legged friends should receive a balanced obedience training with clear, direct and honest communication, just like the dogs have with each other. Positive behavior leads to a positive outcome and negative behavior has negative consequences.
  • Why do I first have to complete a private training, before I can attend a group training?
    René would like to get to know the people and their dogs, that would like to attend a group training, at least once in a private training before having them join the groups.
  • Why do I need a dog training package to attend group trainings?
    Unfortunately, we had to enforce these measures, because training spots got increasingly wasted due to last-minute cancellations and/or no-shows for trainings. This is not only unfortunate for us, but also for customers who would have liked to attend a fully booked training session, that in the end would have still had free spots due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows. In addition, a dog's behavior can only be successfully changed if the dog is trained consistently and over a long period of time.
  • Can I bring additional people to the group trainings?
    Yes, that's no problem. If possible, we ask that participants do not bring entire families with them to the trainings, as the groups will then become too big. Important: Please only sign up once for a training session, even if you are accompanied by additional people.
  • Do you also have group trainings, just for small dogs?
    No, we do not separate dogs in our group trainings based on size, breed, behavior etc. Because this is not possible in everyday life either, for example on a walk, therefore, all dogs of all sizes, breeds and behavior have to get along. In fact, we recommend that each dog learns to socialize with different sizes, breeds, behavior types, etc. in a controlled environment.
  • Can I attend a group training with my unneutered male dog?
    Yes, with René's consent. However, the owners must be aware that another unneutered male could also attend the same group training, therefore, everyone involved has to be on top of their game.
  • How do I get invited to a closed group training?
    If René observes in the normal group trainings, that your dog is listening to you very well and you are interested in participating in a more intensive, consistent and especially more challenging training.
  • Can I also stop by at your location to buy items from your shop?
    Yes, that is possible, but only during our shop opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7am - 8am & 5pm - 6pm
  • Can I buy buon viando BARF (raw meat) in your shop?
    Yes, but only on site in our Joy-Dog Shop (See opening hours). Unfortunately, BARF sausages (raw meat) cannot be bought online and shipped. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7am - 8am & 5pm - 6pm
  • Who makes the items in your shop?
    On the one hand, Irène makes a lot of items herself, such as the whistles and leashes. We also sell products by Sabrina from She makes items such as bags, blankets, backpacks, etc. by hand. Finally, we also have a few products from
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